Which mailing list software should I use to contact fans?

I’ve done a little bit of research and it seems like Mailchimp is pretty popular but I’m looking for recommendations. Does it provide all the features I need as an artist? Is there a cheaper alternative?

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I’ve used MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Sendfox extensively, along with some others minimally. Over the years, I’ve cycled through mailing list software as my needs have changed.

When starting a mailing list from scratch, pretty much every mailing list software company provides cheap entry-level options to get you hooked on their service. The problem is that as your mailing list grows, you could quickly find yourself spending hundreds of dollars per month for this type of software.

For most artists, I’d recommend using Sendfox. They charge you a one-time $10 fee for every 1,000 new people that join your mailing list. There’s no monthly recurring fee, meaning there’s minimal pressure to turn a profit through your mailing list each month.

From a features standpoint, Sendfox isn’t quite as advanced as other mailing list options like Mailchimp but it allows you to send email blasts, sort contacts between different lists, and set up simple email chain automations. You can also create landing pages using Sendfox to capture contact information.

My mailing list currently contains over 40,000 people. With MailChimp, I’d be paying a minimum of $285/month just to maintain a list this size. ConvertKit is around the same price as MailChimp.

With Sendfox, I don’t pay anything unless my mailing list grows. At the end of the year, that’s an extra $3,420 (12 x $285) in my pocket. This is enough money to let me build a mailing list of 342,000 people in Sendfox and never worry about paying a monthly fee.