Should I use multiple DAWs or just one?


I have question about DAW.

I starting journey with DAW after 1 year learning play piano, and have question:

  • I made research, and readed all popular links about DAW on the internet, I know that DAW is only tool, and thinking about which DAW is better has nonsense.

  • I thinking that popular approach is using in one project two DAW or is nonsense?
    This appraoch have sense? At the moment I working on Ableton, but thinking also learning FL Studio.

Dear RTBZL101.

All DAWS are not QUITE the same - I’m disabled and I use a pure notation and MIDI DAW because I can actually WRITE the music. Lots of these other DAWs are really for drag’n’dropping pre-bought loops - Ableton’s a top example on that, try actually writing anything from scratch and you’ll see what I mean! I know you get piano roll but the prob. with piano roll is it’s BEEG - to see all your instruments at once you’ve gotta have a cinema screen handy. And it munches processors unless you’ve got a really fast one.

If you want a good DAW and don’t mind the processor munching, there’s Cakewalk that used to be Sonar - I used to use that but I couldn’t afford to buy a computer it couldn’t munch. I use Quick Score Elite 2 by Cris Sion and Windows 10 - it’s REALLY designed for XP so it tends to crash a lot but if you save the settings it’s easy enough to reload. I love it cos it’s simple, like me, but DOES do everything. (Except SENDS in Windows 10. Have to use inserts. Worked fine in XP, dunno what got changed!)

So to cut out another 25 paragraphs of my woffle - I know me! - I’d WRITE the piece in whatever you’re most comfortable using. If the thing you’re writing it in doesn’t do all the sounds you want, export the finished thing as a MIDI file, import it into the software that DOES do all the sounds you want - MIDI’s UNIVERSAL, you can write a MIDI file on a PC and use it in Logic on a Mac, I’ve done that - and experiment with sounds from there. Nothing stopping you from writing a piano piece, exporting it as a MIDI file, then chopping the two MIDI tracks - left and right hand of course - into chunks and playing each chopped-up chunk on a different virtual instrument. If you want to edit, you’ll always have piano roll (never seen anything without that!) or of course, once you know where you’re going with the thing, go back to your original DAW you love writing stuff in, chop it up between sounds in that - you know they’re the wrong sounds but you’re re-exporting it - re-export it as a new MIDI file and you’ll have all the chopped-up parts to use in the DAW with the right sounds in.

If you don’t mind using XP 64-bit - it’s out there! - you can use Reason Rewire, which’ll PROBABLY let you connect the DAW you love writing in TO the DAW with the right sounds in. I’ve only ever done this with Cubase, but I used to Rewire Quick Score Elite Level 2 to Cubase, write the piece in Quickscore, but use Cubase to put the VSTs and mix in, so the two were working together as one. There’s prob. a way to do that in Windows 10 but you’d have to ask someone else about that, that’s the theory anyway.

Hope the above helps.

Yours respectfully