Question about the selection of equipment for home studio


I read many topics about ‘how to build a home studio’ on the internet. I want to build my first home studio, who has accepted to try to play music? At the moment I don’t know which genre I want to create probably ambient, techno, and movie music.

Bellow my setup, can someone confirm that it is ok? or advice on other equipment? The budget is such that the equipment is acceptable, and then I could resell and buy a better one.

Hardware which I have:

  • computer - MacBook 16 pro / 32GB ram
  • digital piano - Roland FP 90x (I love this key, btw I also playing piano for +3 years), but I use it only as a piano controller, without included sounds

Hardware which I want buy:

  • DAW - Ableton 11 Suite + Push 2
  • midi interface - FOCUSRITE SCARLETT 4 I 4 3GEN or Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3gen, but at the moment I need only an audio interface for the microphone and guitar electric.
  • microphone - RODE NT1
  • monitors: KRK ROKIT RP7 G4 5inch
  • headphones - Beyerdynamic-DT-770-pro-250 - should I buy an amplifier?

Can I ask for information, is this equipment ok or should I choose something else?