Looking For Studio Desk Recommendations

Hey, I’m currently producing music on a tiny desk that I’ve had for years. There’s no room for the 49-key MIDI keyboard that I own or the other gear that I’ve started collecting. I’ve looked around at some studio desks but they’re all way outside my budget. Are there any good studio desks under $1,000?

Output sells a desk called Platform that’s either $699 with no keyboard tray or $849 with a keyboard tray. It has nine 1U rack slots so you can install your gear into the desk. The second level of the desk is high enough that you can sit your studio monitors on top of it and they’ll sit close to ear level—depending on their size. If you want the brown or grey versions of the desk, you can add another $100 to the total. Platform is the desk that I own and I love it.

The same company sells another piece of studio furniture called Sidecar that allows you to store music production accessories and additional rack gear. Both pieces of furniture look really nice in my opinion and I think the price point is justified for serious bedroom producers.

You can get an extremely compact studio desk from On-Stage for around $299 but I don’t think that will fix the issue you’re facing in regards to a lack of space. Save a little extra money for a desk that will feel like a more substantial upgrade.

Gator Frameworks has some moderately sized studio desks around $599 that provide rack slots; they have keyboard trays that can hold a medium-sized MIDI keyboard. If the room you’re working in isn’t that big, one of these deks might be a great option.

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