Looking for a flat, smooth, and silky vocal microphone recommendation


I currently have a small collection of mics in my home studio that I do songwriting, production and arranging for artists prior to them going to another studio I work with. I currently use either a Neumann TLM 49 or a Beesneez Bu87 on vocals. Both are pretty good but both are very mid forward with the 49 being almost harsh around 3k on some voices including mine. The Beesnees is very ‘musical’ but the mids are very punchy and need EQsculpting . I also have a AKG 414 that is nice but pretty sterile.

Am looking at getting a decent quality ‘flatter’ sounding mic that won’t break the bank that saturates nicely and suits most voices. Smooth and silky but not too bright …or dark
There are so many quality brands out there these days it’s a little overwhelming. Peluso, Roswell, Lauten, micro geffell, Wunder, Charter Oak…etc

I tried the Warm Audio 47 and 87 next to my TLM 49 and they didn’t seem to be that great. Don’t really want to spend more than $2000… would appreciate any good recommendations.

Predominantly record voice , acoustic guitar, amps and piano.

Have an Avalon 737, 1073 clone and Grace m101.

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Have you thought about a modeling microphone like Universal Audio’s Sphere? It costs $500 less than what you’re willing to spend and provides a wide selection of mic models. The Slate Digital VMS is another option for half the price of the Sphere. For studio use, the value that a modeling microphone provides is unbelievable.