Is there anything I need to account for when building a music production PC?

I’m building a PC that I’m going to use for gaming and music production. There are tons of guides that go over everything you need to build a gaming PC but is there anything unique that I should take into consideration for music production? I want to make sure that I’m not missing anything.

You’ll want to beef up the amount of RAM that your PC has. 32 GB would be my minimum recommendation but I think it’s worth spending the extra money for 64 GB. 128 GB is probably overkill, but if it’s in the budget, it’s going to improve performance and allow you to add even more plugins to your tracks without audio dropouts.

Another consideration is the inputs available on the motherboard. A lot of audio interfaces use a Thunderbolt 3 connection but very few PC motherboards include a Thunderbolt 3 jack. When shopping around, make sure the motherboard that you purchase includes Thunderbolt 3 jacks, and doesn’t come with a Thunderbolt 3 expansion card; these have been extremely problematic for people online.

If you’re running an Intel build, I recommend the ASUS ProArt CREATOR. This is the motherboard that I use with my Apollo x8 interface.

You can get by without a graphics card for music production if your CPU supplies integrated graphics. Although, you mentioned that you want to game with this PC so you’ll probably end up getting a decent card anyways.

Hope this helps!