How do you process tracks with external hardware?

I came into possession of a hardware reverb and I want to use it to process tracks in my DAW. I’m assuming I need to run the signal out of my DAW through my audio interface, through the reverb, and then record the final results back through my interface.

I’m using a Scarlett 2i2 interface but there are only two outputs on it for my monitors. Is there some way to split the signal? Do I need a different audio interface?

Generally, you have the right idea. Most DAWs include an audio effect that you can insert on a track and use to send signal out of your DAW, as well as receive the external signal once it’s been processed.

Alternatively, you can route the track’s output to an output on your interface and monitor/record the signal to a new track in your DAW.

Unfortunately, you will need a different audio interface with more audio outputs. If you’re using a stereo reverb, you’ll need an audio interface with at least two line outputs in addition to your main monitor outputs.