How do you get your drums to hit hard and sound full?

My drums tend to fall flat against my reference songs. They don’t sound as big and punchy after I’ve mastered my songs. Any advice is appreciated.

There are several techniques you can use to make your drums hit hard and sound full:

  1. Layering: layering different drum sounds on top of each other can add depth and impact to your drum track. Try layering a punchy kick drum with a snare or clap to create a fuller sound.
  2. Compression: applying compression to your drum tracks can help to even out the levels and make them sound more consistent. You can also use parallel compression to add more punch and impact to your drums.
  3. EQ: using EQ to remove unwanted frequencies and boost the frequencies that make your drums sound full and punchy can make a big difference in the overall sound. Be careful not to overdo it and always listen carefully to the changes you make.
  4. Saturation: adding subtle saturation to your drum tracks can help to add warmth and presence.
  5. Arrangement: the way you arrange your drum hits can also make a big difference in how they sound. Try varying the velocity of your drum hits to create more dynamics and interest in your drum track.

Remember, every mix is unique, and what works for one track may not work for another. So, experiment with these techniques and find what works best for your specific project.