How do you get more streams and fans?

  • What techniques do you use to get more streams/fans?
  • Do you use ads?
  • Do you play for playlist placements?
  • Do you organically send your music via email?
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One technique that worked incredibly well for me involved Facebook ads. I spent about $100 promoting a music video post and it resulted in 85,000 views, 650 likes, 250 comments, and 221 shares. These results are extremely unusual for an ad spend that low. However, there were a couple of techniques that helped make the most of that $100:

  1. Provocative title: “The craziest EDM drop ever?” - This got people interested enough to check out the video, and fired up enough to leave a comment.
  2. Asking a few friends to comment on the video. This helped get the comments section rolling and opened up the floor to strangers.
  3. Responding to every comment in a way that was fun and playful, even the negative comments. If people weren’t a fan of the song, they still had a good laugh scrolling through the comments. Ultimately, this led to huge organic traffic.

This specific marketing technique might not work for every artist. It relies on a provocative headline to spark engagement, which way not align with your brand’s voice. You’re going to get a lot of love and hate so you need to have thick skin. However, Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t distinguish between “good” and “bad” comments. It just sees this as engagement, which leads to your music appearing in front of more people.

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